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Hexis developers are highly adaptable, obstacle-jumpers, gap-suppressors and solution-sprinters. Our secret? We are deeply passionate about what we do, with a clear understanding of why we are doing it. Bringing your project to Hexis is trusting a team of enthusiastic and committed problem-solvers with an appetite for changing reality as we know it.

Given our tight-knit relations with local tech communities and top IT-focused universities, Hexis enjoys top-pick when it comes to talent acquisition.

We have a long, rich history with Portugal’s best head-hunters, investment groups supporting startups and entrepreneurship schools.

Reduced time to market / Reduced time on operational functions / Short leadtime and cycle time to optimise continuous delivery / Decreased end point incidents and repair time

Increase ROI / Maximise market exposure / Increased conversions / Increased customer usability / Improved product quality and reliability / Ensured team velocity

On time, to budget / Industry-specific software solutions / Market feasibility research / Actionable, intuitive customer insights / Automate complex business processes

Nearshoring in Portugal

Proximity is key to outsourcing your software development to a nearshore company in Portugal, like Hexis. We share the same GMT time zone as the UK, with only 1 hour difference between central European time.

As a multilingual EU member, we also share similar cultural, economic and political values which make it easy to conduct business. Strong Intellectual Property Protection laws and high standards of tech education are among the top reasons why businesses in neighbouring European countries choose to nearshore in Portugal.

Our clients are able to collaborate with our highly-skilled talent at more competitive rates than in their own countries.

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