Critical Scale-up for eCommerce giant

A case study on nearshoring and how it can help revolutionize your business.

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The Challenge

This eCommerce client needed to boost their software development to maintain their high standard of delivery to their 1,500 brands and 2 million customers. Revolutionising fashion shopping online, this client has quickly grown into one of the world’s biggest retail giants. Processing more than 3,000 transactions per second, they required an innovative technology solution to scale up their platform integration with their partners’.

Our Solution

Due to the complex nature of their project, the client was experiencing issues in recruiting and retaining the right talent for this job. Hexis began by providing them with a specially selected, fully-assembled development team, highly experienced in the client’s technology stack. For the client, there was an immediate benefit of this ‘team as-a- service’, as it delivered maximum productivity, right from the start.

Hexis maintained clear communication with the client’s management and engineering units. These stakeholders remained abroad while the project was developed in Portugal, under a dedicated engineering manager.

We used Agile methodologies to cover all steps of the software development lifecycle: from new features, collective corrective evolution, refactoring and continued integration improvements.

Conscious of the client’s fast-paced market and their highly-evolved technology stack, we also employed our sophisticated problem-solving skills to deploy multiple best practices across their numerous software centres.


The project result exceeded expectations and delivered high ROI for the client, its partners and customers. This partnership has now developed to include 18 software engineers, fully dedicated to this high-profile client.

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