IT solutions that improve FMCG products to offset taxation

How Hexis is using tech innovation and custom software development to boost economic return for global brands.

in Big data analytics, IoT

The growing shift in consumer behaviour towards health has greatly impacted the soft drinks industry globally. Leading market brands are experiencing a significant decrease in product sales worldwide and additional sugar taxes within Europe will continue to impact the supplier curve and deadweight loss.

In 2016, the world's two market leaders faced 1-3% drop in product demand, resulting in their lowest consumption rates per capita since 1985.

Find Inside:

  • Using IoT and artificial intelligence to gain measurable consumer insights
  • Getting real-time consumer patterns with data science solutions with prediction models
  • How to implement this data to increase the quality of goods and services at the buyer endpoint
  • Supporting the client supply chain and decision risk analysis with machine learning
  • An end-to-end custom software development solution to boost returns

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