How might Europe benefit from nearshoring in IT ?

An overview about the benefits of Nearshoring in Europe

in Software development, IT strategyBy Raquel Pereira, Communications Specialist


Nearshore in IT becomes increasingly popular in the reality of European companies, due to a simple reason: the rapid pace of technological development and the increasing demand for skilled workforce pose challenges to companies in filling their vacancies with suitable local candidates. We speak especially of computer sciences but the same scenario also exists for adjacent fields such as communication technologies.


According to statistics presented in June 2020, the number of companies experiencing difficulties in hiring IT experts, reaches up to 76% in some of the European Union member states (such as the Czech Republic). Since 2018, the percentages have increased by around 20%, making more than 50% of the European Union experiencing difficulties in hiring qualified profiles.




Profiles straight out of university are a bit more accessible due to the popularity of the IT sphere. However, when it comes to mid-seniority profiles, including project and tech leaders, developers and architects, it makes the recruitment process more lengthy and stressful.

The reasons for the current trends in market development are complex. The number one reason is that companies cannot cover the growing demand due to the time required to acquire proficiency. There is also the reality that highly qualified profiles migrate searching for opportunities in other countries or hired directly by the client in remote work mode, with the advantage that they can remain in their home country with much higher salary expectations.

Moreover, as the IT market is booming, there is a greater possibility that an employee can easily change projects/companies, and staff turnover rates increase. The process to fill the necessary vacancies becomes longer if a company concentrates mainly on local candidates, because due to these shortages, the most sought-after profiles are not likely to change their place of work. In such conditions, companies do not have much time to wait for a local candidate. Once a company finds itself in such a situation, this is where Nearshoring can be the ideal solution.

The current situation in the EU labor market and the increasing amount of hard-to-fill vacancies are pressing. Meantime, countries like Portugal, are a perfect place to offer Nearshoring development services. Solid competences, reliability and over the top communication qualities make it increasingly important for companies to hire software developers in Portugal. In addition to highly qualified services, Nearshore in Portugal facilitates short term travel and meeting arrangements. This contributes to its reputation in the market and makes our country a perfect location for Nearshore software development in Europe.

When it comes to setting up a Nearshore team, Portugal has developed a favorable and qualified environment: we have top ranked Universities in Europe, we are the 7th most proficient country in the world in English and we have some of the best Internet connectivity in the EU.

Regarding average salaries, hiring a nearshore team requires less investment in the workforce than the EU average. Also, for the profiles working in the nearshore model it is beneficial, as they receive an opportunity to gain international experience while receiving market competitive salaries and staying in their country. 


Regardless of the complexity levels of each project, Hexis ensure the highest level of proficiency of the teams and projects that provides. Furthermore, based on our experience, we take advantage of all our knowledge to recruit the profiles in the shortest periods of time, depending on the requirements. That's why we have and work to increase our portfolio of successful and satisfied customers!



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