Revamping the Development Strategy for a Audio Streaming App

From Vision to Implementation: Collaborative Efforts to Redefine the App's Development Strategy

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Our client, a leading mobile application for streaming live audio from muted televisions in public venues, faced a significant challenge due to the pandemic. As the measures were put in place worldwide, the application's purpose was significantly impacted, and the client had to reevaluate their development strategy. Our IT Nearshore company was tasked with providing a solution that would help the client overcome their challenges.


The pandemic posed a significant challenge to our client's business, as their existing development team was insufficient to meet market needs. The client needed a development strategy that could help them improve their application's layout, functionality, and performance while adapting to the changing market dynamics.


Our team, comprising of iOS, Android, Golang, NodeJs Dev’s, a QA Automation Engineer and a DevOps Engineer, took on the challenge of revamping the development strategy for the client's mobile application. We worked closely with the client to understand their specific needs, challenges, and expectations.

We started by identifying the key areas where the application needed improvement, such as the user interface, functionality, and performance. Our team then created a detailed roadmap for the development process, outlining the tasks, timelines, and milestones.

We adopted an Agile development approach that allowed us to collaborate more effectively with the client and respond to changing market dynamics quickly. Our team worked on developing new features, fixing bugs, and optimizing the application's performance, ensuring that it met the client's expectations.



Our team's dedicated efforts have resulted in significant improvements in the client's mobile application. We have successfully enhanced the layout, functionality, and performance of the application, making it a seamless experience for its users. The application now boasts of an intuitive user interface, better streaming quality, and faster performance.

Our team has worked collaboratively with the client's stakeholders to identify their needs, goals, and vision for the application. We have effectively communicated with them throughout the development process, ensuring that their requirements were met while providing innovative solutions.

Currently, our team is the only team responsible for the development and maintenance of the application, despite the fact that the client has a Data team in house. The client has expressed satisfaction with our work and has extended our engagement to provide ongoing support for the application and develop new features.

In addition to our past successes, the client has recently entrusted our team with rethinking the entire sound system of the application. This project showcases the client's continued trust in our team's abilities and expertise, as well as our commitment to providing ongoing support and development for their application.

In conclusion, our team's successful collaboration with the client has resulted in significant improvements in their mobile application. We remain committed to providing ongoing support and development for their application and look forward to continuing our collaboration to deliver innovative solutions that drive their business forward


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