Why Portugal is the Perfect Location for Nearshore Development?

The unique advantages of working with Portuguese talent for Nearshore development, from language proficiency to innovative thinking.


Portugal has long been a popular destination for tourists, but in recent years it has also become a top choice for businesses looking to establish a Nearshore development center.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the reasons why Portugal is the perfect location for nearshore development and how it can benefit your company.

But let’s go by parts:

  • Proximity to Europe and North America: one of the biggest advantages of Portugal as a nearshore development location is its proximity to Europe and North America. Portugal is located on the western edge of Europe, making it an ideal location for companies looking to establish a European base. At the same time, its close proximity to North America means that communication and travel between the two continents is quick and easy. This makes Portugal a convenient location for companies looking to tap into the expertise of both European and North American markets.
  • High-Quality Talent Pool: Portugal has a well-educated and highly skilled workforce that is fluent in multiple languages, including English. This makes it easy for companies to find the talent they need to establish a successful nearshore development center. Additionally, the country has a long tradition of engineering and technology, with a number of top universities offering courses in these areas. This means that companies can easily find the highly skilled professionals they need to support their nearshore development efforts.

  • Affordable Operating Costs: Portugal has a low cost of living and affordable operating costs, making it an attractive location for businesses looking to establish a nearshore development center. This means that companies can save money on salaries, real estate, and other operating expenses, which can be reinvested into their development efforts. Additionally, Portugal has a favorable tax regime, with a corporate tax rate of just 21% – one of the lowest in Europe.
  • Stable Political and Economic Environment: Portugal has a stable political and economic environment, which provides a predictable and secure environment for businesses looking to establish a nearshore development center. The country has a long tradition of political stability, with a mature democratic system, and it has a strong commitment to the rule of law. Additionally, Portugal has a robust economy that is growing steadily, making it a secure and stable location for companies looking to establish a long-term Nearshore development center.
  • Quality of Life: Portugal is an attractive location for nearshore development because of its high quality of life. The country is renowned for its beautiful landscapes, mild climate, and rich cultural heritage, making it an ideal location for both work and play. This means that companies can attract top talent from around the world and provide them with a high quality of life, which can have a positive impact on their productivity and overall well-being.

In conclusion, Portugal’s thriving tech scene, cost-effectiveness, and strategic location make it the perfect location for Nearshore development. And when it comes to Nearshore collaboration, Hexis Technology Hub stands out as a leading partner for businesses looking to thrive. With our comprehensive range of services, including IT managed services, extended teams or just to boost your innovation, we provide tailored solutions that cater to your specific needs.

 So, whether you’re looking to tap into Portugal’s tech talent pool or take advantage of its strategic location, Hexis Technology Hub can help you achieve your goals and take your business to new heights. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you succeed.



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