Improvement of a Digital Infrastructure - Transforming the Tour Booking Experience

Going Beyond a Booking Platform: a new partnership with an adventure tour operator for a holistic digital transformation of their business!

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Recently, Hexis had the opportunity to partner with a premier tour operator based in Iceland, to help them overcome a significant challenge with their improvement of the digital infrastructure / booking platform. The client was dissatisfied with their current partner's performance from Eastern Europe, especially in terms of cultural compatibility, and decided to move their development team to Portugal to work with Hexis Technology Hub in an extended-team model.

Our client is a renowned tour operator that offers a range of adventure tours, including glacier walks, northern lights tours, whale watching, and hiking, among others. Their booking platform is a critical aspect of their business, as it allows customers to easily book tours online. The success of the booking platform is key to the client's business, as it drives customer engagement and loyalty.


Our team was tasked with enhancing the customer experience by improving the booking platform and ensuring cultural compatibility, all while maintaining open communication channels with the client throughout the development process. Our client had previously worked with a partner from Eastern Europe but was dissatisfied with their lack of cultural compatibility and performance. Therefore, it was essential for us to be the partner that could seamlessly work with their development team and deliver high-quality solutions.

Apart from the booking process, the client also required a back office system to manage their entire operation. Our team closely collaborated with the client to understand their requirements and implemented a robust solution using .NET technologies. This allowed the client to streamline their operations, reduce manual efforts, and improve overall efficiency.

Our challenge was to continue improving the backend of the current booking platform while developing the new platform, which required a deep understanding of the business requirements, technical needs, and cultural context.


Our team assembled a group of experienced software development experts, including a Tech Lead, two Backend Developers, a Frontend Developer and a Quality Assurance Engineer. They worked closely with the client to provide high-quality solutions that met their requirements. Our team's cultural fit and transparent communication helped to build trust and facilitate collaboration, resulting in a successful partnership.

The team leveraged a combination of technologies, including .NET, React.Js, Vue.Js, and Azure, to enhance the platform's functionality and enable it to handle complex business logic and data management requirements. We utilized automated testing frameworks to ensure that the platform was stable, secure, and reliable. Our expertise allowed us to develop scalable, performant, and user-friendly web applications that could be hosted on the Azure cloud platform, providing our client with increased flexibility and scalability.



The result of the partnership efforts was a booking platform that was more efficient and user-friendly than before. The new platform also allowed for the integration of new tour packages and improved the booking process for customers. The success of this project allowed our client to continue growing their business and expanding their offerings to customers. The client was happy with the team's performance, and the project's success has allowed them to continue expanding their business offerings.

The successful partnership helped establish a reputation for Hexis Technology Hub as a reliable and effective partner for businesses looking to improve their digital infrastructure. Our team's expertise in the main tech stack enabled us to provide the client with a platform that was efficient, user-friendly, and reliable.

Our team's close collaboration with the internal client team, coupled with transparent communication and cultural compatibility, helped build trust and facilitate a seamless development process. We delivered high-quality solutions that met the client's expectations, resulting in a successful long-term partnership.


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