Implementing Big Data Analytics and IoT for the global FMCG sector

How nearshoring can deliver disruptive innovation to drive informed decision-making and profit.

in Big data analytics, IoT

The Challenge

This global leader in food and beverage needed to gain strategic intelligence for decision-making and risk analysis. In the FMCG market, innovative solutions provide quick, reliable insights, but for our client, there were two leading technologies urgently needed to create this competitive advantage: the internet of things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI). The challenge for Hexis was to support the deployment of these IoT, AI and data science tools so that the client could benefit from real-time decision-making.

In terms of resourcing, Hexis immediately addressed this challenge by assembling the perfect team with the right skills and experience.

The solution

On the tech side, we integrated our client’s commercial layer with their supply chain so that they had all the missing information required to improve their production cycles and manage their customers. We were able to do this by developing bespoke software, which enabled us to map real-time data with consumption patterns. This real-time assessment was a significant win for the client, and it began to inform their marketing strategies immediately.

We also engineered our IoT and AI tools to provide information on various point-of-sale specifics, such as temperature and other details relating to the overall consumption. From this, we were able to generate real-time reporting of the consumption patterns, which meant our client was better able to understand their customers’ end-point.

The benefits

Our client chose Hexis as their partner nearshore company for this pivotal project because of our visionary approach to problem-solving and their unwavering confidence in our nearshore development teams.

By maintaining clear communication and transparency within our development operations, we were able to maintain the trust of this market-leading client to deliver a huge project with multiple new technologies. As a result, our client now benefits from data-driven C-level reporting mechanisms which shape their decisions and risk analysis.

Hexis exceeded their expectations and continues to partner on other high ROI, innovative products for this global corporation.

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