GraphQL: improving app-based user journeys

Hexis promotes more networking events to stimulate the programming community.

in Software development

On Thursday, April 4, 2019, Hexis will host a networking event on GraphQL, organised by the Training Centre. Anyone with an interest in software development can join and start building an app from scratch.

The Training Centre is an initiative developed by senior programmers who are passionate about advancing the programming community. Many of the Training Centre’s members are full-time software developers at Hexis.

Organisers of this event invite tech heads of all levels to this practical, app-building session.

“GraphQL is a new way to ask for data. What makes it so special is it level of granularity. It lets you have exactly what data you need and nothing more, making the communication more efficient. This kind of communication works really well when you have a complex system, for example a social network, because it lets you ask for data in depth. Since the data request is always the biggest bottleneck that slows down apps, GraphQL can greatly improve the user experience.”

RSVP now or learn more about this GraphQL meetup at Hexis.

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